Athens is a dense city with millions on details that make its unique urban landscape. Wandering in Athens, an un-ordered and un-sequential archive with fragments of the city is created using the digital device of a mobile phone. But the inconsistency of capturing images thought the digital device has overwhelmed my memory and it requires an online digital and shared archive like Instagram.

My view of what is around is blurred, inattentive, confuse, and I am doomed to forget my experience. The digital camera is a tool integrated in the palm of my hand that pretends to substitute my eyes. Eschewing high definition digital photo that alters the visual experience of my body, I decided to use the digital device with low resolution and deep zooms to question my ability to grasp the reality. What do I see? What do I remember?

These images were immediately filtered and stored in the digital archive of Instagram and they became public in real time. I was sharing my immediate memory that I had already forgotten in an unordered archive like pixels on a screen. No landmarks, no symbols, just the fugacity of my sight.


Fabiano Micocci is an architect from Rome and he actually lives in Athens. He teaches at the University of Thessaly and he runs the practice NEAR Architecture focused on design and research. web: – FB: Fabiano Micocci – instagram: fabianomicocci


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