*** Free call >> No submission fee ***

Submit 7 – 20 photographs (min-max) – with the following information:

  • title and short statement
  • Artist / photographer’ name and short bio
  • IG username and/or link to website
  • Attach a ZIP file of images (no wetransfer), in HR: 3000 pixels on the long side, 300 ppi,  JPG or JPEG format
  • Please label the images with your name and number (es. Bresson_01, Bresson_02)
  • No borders or watermark

Submit to:

category: photography, .. but also: collage, archive manipulation, alternative process.



Copyright info

By submitting your work, you give JUP rights to publish your photos on JUP website and  social (fb, twitter, instagram). The photo will always be attributed to the photographer.

When the photographer sends his work, he automatically declares to be the author of the project and to have all the rights to use the pictures. We decline any responsibility related to this. The photographer is also the only one to be responsible for the content and the ideas expressed in his pictures and he must deal with any releasing forms for the publication of the portrayed subjects.  No image on the site may be downloaded, printed, manipulated, or used in anyway without permission of the copyright owner.