Submit 10 – 30 photographs (min-max) – send your submissions with the following information:

  • title
  • Statement / synopsis (between 50 -1000 words)
  • Artist / photographer’ name and biography (between 10-50 words)
  • Artist / photographer’ website and/or social links (FB, Instagram, twitter)

Email to

Image file specifications

  • Attach a ZIP file of images, 1500 pixels on the long side (width for landscape, height for portrait),  in JPG or JPEG format, with a maximum file size of 2MBs each only. PLEASE ATTACH the images file – not use google drive / wetransfer / dropbox, but only .zip files
  • Please label the images with your name and number (es. Bresson_001, Bresson_002)
  • No borders or watermark

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Copyright info

All photographs on JUP are property of their author. By submitting your work, you give JUP rights to publish, showcase and use your photographs and art on JUP website and other official communication channels (fb, twitter, instagram). The author will always be credited. 

When the photographer sends his work, he automatically declares to be the author of the project and to have all the rights to use the pictures. We decline any responsibility related to this. The photographer is also the only one to be responsible for the content and the ideas expressed in his pictures and he must deal with any releasing forms for the publication of the portrayed subjects.  No image on the site may be downloaded, printed, manipulated, or used in anyway without permission of the copyright owner.