RUST NEVER SLEEPS | Joseph Boltrukiewicz

These images were generated when old, abandoned, and rusty cars and mostly their bodies were photographed in the junkyard near Warsaw in Poland. The entire area, quite small in size, was fenced and under the supervision of local authorities, had a collection of some 50 old vehicles and their bodies. The photography was done over the period of two consecutive seasons (fall and winter) in different weather and light conditions with two different cameras, Canon and Sony. The sequence of files in this submission reflects the order the images were taken. I was told that some of these (used to be in good shape) cars had been used in film industry many years ago but no-body was able to provide and verify the details of that statement. At the time of photographing, these all objects had been sitting on the junkyard for quite a while and ever present vegetation and advancement of rust testify to their long and silent story.


Joseph Boltrukiewicz, permanent resident of Vancouver, Canada since 1993.

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