OFF SEASON | Zisis Kardianos

Off season” is a visual contemplation of the power of photography to find beauty and make magical even the ugliest and more boring of places. I use its depictive power, the evidence and the information that it carries, as the mere baseline of a route that leads to the fabrication of an almost imaginary reality. It’s a fictional world of sensations and illusions that is constructed with trashy materials, light, color, and the catalytic contribution of serendipity. The place in question is the infamous tourist resorts of Lagana in Zakynthos island where I was born and live, during the recurrent periods of its utter abandonment. It is a place familiar and intimate to me, at the same time both beloved and repellent. I explore the spaces-relics of a cheap and vulgar seasonality, some nuggets of beauty or even a certain order. The images that I seek leap out of the details of a haphazardly built, decorated and sprinkled environment.


Photos:  Zisis Kardianos –




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