The series is part two of a project dedicated to the notion of marginality unfolds on the bustling streets, capturing the lives of those often overlooked. The objective is not merely to document, but to humanize individuals society has turned a blind eye to

A Journey Through Urban Marginality

Driven by a poetic and esoteric sensibility, IN THE SHADOW OF THE LIVING takes inspiration from the words of a homeless man: “ My life is a dream that never ends.

With that poignant phrase as its cornerstone, the series reaches its culmination. Dividing the subject into distinct landscapes, I employ analog techniques, using aged films and a glass filter slid in front of the camera. This filter serves as a metaphor for how society screens and renders these individuals invisible.


Residing in Toulouse, France, Siodos embarked on a photographic journey 12 years ago. Initially captivated by the graffiti scene, a transformative encounter at a Willy Ronis exhibition in Carcassonne shifted the focus towards street photography. The desire to immortalize fleeting moments became a passion. A chance meeting with a homeless individual near a ring road marked the inception of a nine-year documentary exploration into marginality.




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