ABANDONED HOUSES | Konrad Hellfeuer



Capturing the beauty and mystery of Abandoned Houses

“My most recent series of photographs revolves around the captivating beauty and mysterious allure of abandoned houses. I strive to capture the tonal qualities of these forgotten places, emphasizing the positive aspects while seeking to uncover their hidden potential.
The challenge of shooting abandoned houses is in capturing the essence of a place that has been neglected yet still contains a certain beauty within its walls. I aim to capture this through the play of light, shadow, and texture, emphasizing the details that remain after time has taken its toll. By utilizing my photographic techniques, I seek to bring out a sense of nostalgia for these previously-lived-in spaces and communicate a positive message about how these places can still be cherished and seen as majestic.
My hope is that viewers will be inspired by my images to see beyond what is visible on the surface and explore what lies beneath—the potential that exists within even the most seemingly forgotten places.”

Konrad Hellfeuer
Konrad Hellfeuer is a talented artist who has had a lifelong passion for creating art. His unique style and approach to art have earned him international acclaim. Konrad’s work captures the beauty of the world around us and allows us to see it through his eyes.


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